Hurricane Irma – Day of the Storm

Hurricane Irma came as Category 5 Hurricane to my home island of St. John. My best friend offered her beautiful and strong house to a few people to hide from the storm. There were 9 humans and 4 animals surviving together. I had a mental block for a while and could not look at my pictures which I took during the storm and after the storm, but time heals everything, and I am ready to share my experience. There will be three photo essays – Day of the Hurricane, Two Days after the Hurricane, and Week after the Hurricane. The link to the first essay is below:

Irma – Day of the storm – Photo Essay 1of 3


Beautiful Children of Virgin Islands – St. John Parade 2017

All Carnival pictures are here::

Earth Day 2017

Children of St. John marched through Cruz Bay to promote awareness of pollution, trash and energy crisis. Please see all pictures on my website. Click on this link: Earth Day 2017

STIR 2017 (St. Thomas International Regatta)

St. Thomas Yacht Club  had another “Crown Jewel” event – STIR 2017, new name, same fun! Yelena Rogers Photography was part of the Press Coverage and photographed last two days of exciting races and onshore fun! See all pictures on my website. Click this link<<STIR 2017 >>


Flamingo in US Virgin Islands

Very rare sighting of a Flamingo occurred recently on island of St. John, US Virgin Islands. Beautiful lonely bird of unusual bright flamboyant-shrimp color was seen on a few beaches of the north shore of St. John. I had chance to photograph it at Trunk Bay on August 22, 2016.

The bird had an identifying black band on one leg, so it could be a visitor from Necker Island and a member of Richard Branson’s flock of flamingos.

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