St. Thomas Family Vacation Photos {The Kindy Family}

What a great opportunity to have your family pictures taken when you have all you kids and their spouses and grandchildren together on vacation!!!! We met with Kindy Family at Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Resort on a beautiful Caribbean day.  We caught Golden hour when setting in the ocean sun makes your skin glowing and radiant!!!! As we walked around the resort for different backdrops for the pictures,  we saw a beautiful cruise ship leaving port of St. Thomas – we had to have a picture with it – it looked like a commercial for cruise line!!!  It’s not simple to photograph groups of people with many kids of different ages and different attention spans, but we nailed it! We did not treat this as a photoshoot – we played games and asked questions, we told stories and participated in quests. I was very thrilled when I received a great thank you e-mail from Jerry! One more happy customer of Yelena Rogers Photography!!!





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